At Paschal Nwokocha & Chukwu Law Offices, our singular focus is on producing results to help our clients achieve their immigration goals. We offer a full scope of professional client services in all areas of U.S. immigration law, to meet the diverse needs of individuals, families and businesses.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial and ongoing consultation;
  • Preparation and filing of all petitions and/or applications required for your case;
  • Language interpreter assistance, where applicable;
  • Full representation in all legal proceedings relating to your case, including deportation/removal defense and hearings before an immigration judge;
  • Complete advocacy and guidance throughout the process, for the duration of your case.

Services for Start-up companies and Businesses

Balancing the need for a steady pool of qualified professionals with the stark realities of post 2008-2010 great recession presents daunting challenges and opportunities for businesses. The increase in immigration enforcement measures has added pressure on businesses to review and monitor their compliance programs.

Paschal Nwokocha & Chukwu Law Offices has the expertise and resources to help businesses meet current and emerging challenges of workforce shortages, including but not limited to:

  • immigration policy development and guidance;
  • strategic planning on immigration matters;
  • anticipating issues and proactively addressing them;
  • ongoing support and counsel on a multitude of compliance issues, including labor condition application and documentation;
  • Etc.

We work with a team of corporate and business attorneys to make the start-up and staffing process very efficient.

Services for Religious Workers

We are one of the premier offices for Religious Worker matters. At Paschal Nwokocha & Chukwu Law Offices, we have continued to process an increasing number of Religious Worker petitions all across the United States and overseas. Our institutional clients have included: Churches, Religious Congregations, Hospitals, Mosques, Temples, etc. We have been called upon to counsel attorneys, in-house counsels, etc., on issues involving Religious Workers. We are often called upon to appeal or help correct mistakes caused by other representatives inexperienced with the issues of Religious Worker petitions. We consider ourselves quite privileged to fill this growing need in the United States.

With the changing and challenging nature of immigration matters, we have played a pivotal role in recommending changes to religious worker regulations. We have provided detailed comments to the Immigration Service on the proposed changes to the regulation.

Whether you are an individual or a business, large or small, when you become a client of Paschal Nwokocha & Chukwu Law Offices, you will know from the outset that you will receive the very best in professional, dignified service, from the beginning to the conclusion of your case.


We offer flat fee options for most immigration matters, thus providing the client with the certainty to budget for the Immigration Service’s fees. It also gives us the incentive to be efficient. We are very competitive for the quality of service we provide.

To become a client, or to learn more about specific services which may be applicable to your case, contact our office today.