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  1. August 31 – Trump DREAMs
  2. Article: CASE STUDY: The Biggest Nightmare RFE Out There By Sheila Danzig
  3. August 30 – Immigration Executive Order, Immigration Court, and Hurricane Harvey
  4. Article: Understanding the Dangerous Implications of President Trumps Immigration Executive Order By Walter Ewing
  5. News: USCIS Alerts Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey to Available Immigration Services
  6. Blogging: Even Trump-Friendly Freedom Caucus Doesn’t Think that the Wall is Worth a Shutdown. What is the Point of the Wall? Roger Algase
  7. Blogging: Where You Live Impacts Ability To Obtain Representation in Immigration Court
  8. August 29 – Major Marketing Success in EB5
  9. News: Definition of Affiliate or Subsidiary for Purposes of Determining the H-1B ACWIA Fee
  10. News: USCIS to Expand In-Person Interview Requirements for Certain Permanent Residency Applicants
  11. Blogging: I-9 Violations Cannot be Alleged by a Complainant in Discrimination Complaint
  12. Article: With Arpaio Pardon, Trump Shows NO Commitment to Civil Rights By Kevin Johnson
  13. August 28 – Photos from Vietnam Expo
  14. News: Members of Congress Urge Trump to Keep DACA
  15. Blogging: Trump, strike a deal: Trade border wall funding for DACA protections. By Nolan Rappaport
  16. Blogging: USCIS will Increase Number of Applicant Interviews
  17. Blogging: Realty Company Pays Over $100,000 to U.S. Workers to Settle Discrimination Claims
  19. Article: Spotlight on the Latin American Market With Manuel Ortiz of Civitas By Hermione Krumm, Esq.
  20. Blogging: Letters of the Week: August 28 – September 3
  21. Blogging: Immigration on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd
  22. Blogging: Trump’s Arpaio Pardon Was Not Only an Endorsement of Racism Against Minority Immigrants, But Also a Blueprint for Destroying Democracy. Roger Algase
  23. Blogging: In Administration Attempt to Delay Approvals, USCIS Announces That Employment-Based Green Card Applications Will Require Interviews. Roger Algase
  24. Blogging: Trump Delights White Supremacists With Arpaio Pardon and Hints at Ending DACA in Moves Back toward Racist 1924 Immigration Act. Roger Algase
  25. August 25 – Photos from Korea Expo
  26. Article: Double Feature! Developers Considering & Starting EB-5 By Hermione Krumm, Esq.
  27. Article: 5 Things We Learned from USCIS Webinar on the Form I-924A, Annual Certificate of Regional Center By Bernard Wolfsdorf, Joseph Barnett, and Robert Blanco
  28. Blogging: Former Priest Agrees to Deportation to Avoid Sexual Abuse Trial
  29. Blogging: Former Fed. Prosecutor: Trump’s Promise to Pardon Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Arpaio Subverts Judicial Independence and Endangers Democracy. Roger Algase